SughaVazhvu Healthcare

SughaVazhvu Healthcare is a not-for-profit company incorporated under Section 25 of Companies Act 1956 (Section 8 of Companies Act 2013) that aims to improve health conditions in India by developing and delivering primary healthcare solutions in collaboration with its knowledge partner, IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health (ICTPH).

Since its incorporation in 2009, SughaVazhvu has delivered primary healthcare solutions in rural Thanjavur district through its network of primary care clinics which at one point included seven rural healthcare clinics, one semi-urban clinic and one mobile clinic. Through this network, SughaVazhvu served seven catchment areas with a cumulative population of about 75,000.

It has adopted and demonstrated the efficacy of all of ICTPH’s primary healthcare design including AYUSH physicians trained by ICTPH’s Bridge Training Program offering delivering evidence-based primary care, rigorous adherence to the treatment protocols developed by ICTPH in partnership with University of Pennsylvania and deployment of IKP-TechPrima. Using this model, in the past six years, it has delivered:

  • More than 70,000 individual patient visits
  • Conducted more than 300 health camps
  • Conducted cardio-vascular risk assessment for more than 7,000 individuals
  • Touched over 10,000 children through school health activities
  • Conducted cervical cancer screening for more than 2,000 women
  • Is presently managing chronic conditions for more than 200 patients suffering from one or more of diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidaemia

Presently, its two key projects including Chronic Disease Management on Mobile Clinic and developing Alakkudi village as a “disease-free village”, both in partnership with ICTPH:


SughaVazhvu Healthcare

T: +91 4362 231373

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SughaVazhvu Healthcare
A2, L.P. Amsavalli Illam,
7th Cross Street,
Arulananda Nagar,
Thanjavur-613 007,
Tamil Nadu, India.