“Enabling the use of advanced scientific knowledge, especially in life sciences and healthcare, for the progress of the society”.

IKP Trust was established in 2006 with an initial corpus grant from ICICI Bank to serve its mission of enabling the use of advanced scientific and technological knowledge, especially in healthcare and life sciences, for the progress of society. Over the years, IKP Trust has sought to accomplish its mission by exploring various facets of the intersection of advances in technology and social impact, mainly through its subsidiary companies.

IKP Trust group of companies – in all of which IKP Trust is the principal investor – include IKP Knowledge Park, which aims to create an environment that nurtures and promotes scientific innovation and research in India; IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health and SughaVazhvu Healthcare, companies that aim to improve healthcare in India with special focus on all aspects of comprehensive primary healthcare; IKP Investment Management Company, which has co-promoted with NASSCOM and manages the India Innovation Fund, an early stage venture capital fund that supports entrepreneurs with innovative and technologically advanced ideas; and IKP Centre for Advancement in Agricultural Practice, which seeks to improve farm productivity, especially for small-holdings, by acting as a bridge between scientific knowledge and the agricultural extension system.

All of these companies have continued to successfully discharge their mandate and further IKP Trust’s mission. More recently, the learnings from the work done by some of the IKP companies have begun to inform government policy and the ecosystem at large.