Evolution of IKP Trust

Since its inception in 2006, the focus of IKP Trust has been on contributing towards improvements in India’s science and technology innovation systems and on leveraging scientific knowledge, especially in healthcare and life sciences, for social progress. We have been serving our mission through the work of IKP Trust group companies, each of which has been making impactful interventions.

Of the several difficult challenges that we, as a nation, face are access to good quality affordable healthcare, adequacy and capacity of human resources for health, and high levels of poverty amongst small and marginal farmers. IKP Trust seeks to engage with these challenges by enabling the use of scientific and technological knowledge to finding feasible and affordable solutions to these problems. Equally important is the necessity to develop ecosystems that promote and nurture innovation in these fields in India. This is what we have attempted to do at IKP Trust through our different group companies, each working in its own domain, to demonstrate that knowledge and scientific innovation can be used in India for social progress in a scalable and impactful manner.

IKP Knowledge Park (IKP-Park), our first and now the largest venture, through its 200 acre research-park based in Hyderabad, has been the venue for the maximum number of life-sciences startups and other ventures in the country. Apart from offering infrastructure and analytical facilities to enable life sciences research, it has also established a Life Sciences Incubator in its Hyderabad research facility. In recent years, it has developed a string grants management program in partnership with agencies such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, BIRAC and DFID to promote innovation in the healthcare sector. It has recently launched a research park and accelerator (IKP-EDEN) in Bangalore to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in hardware and medical devices.

IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health (ICTPH) and its implementation partner, SughaVazhvu Healthcare, have designed a model for delivering comprehensive primary healthcare in rural areas. Their innovations, particularly in human resource strategy, information technology, protocol-driven treatment and chronic disease management are finding resonance in several quarters in India today, including with the national government, with the National Health Policy incorporating key components of the ICTPH model. Outside India, among others, Brookings Institution has chosen to showcase our Chronic Care model as part of its disruptive innovations from around the world, and the New York based Centre for Health Market Innovation, a joint effort of the Rockefeller and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, lists our work as one of the key pro-poor global innovations, in the field of Primary Care. The bridge training program developed by ICTPH to impart skills to medical practitioners including AYUSH physicians to deliver evidence-based primary care in community settings is also being recognized for its potential to address the human resource access problems in the Indian healthcare sector. We have thus far built up a good platform but have much work to be done in the years ahead to achieve our full potential in this area.

India Innovation Fund, co-promoted and managed by IKP Investment Management Company (IKPIMC), has supported a number of highly innovative and technologically sophisticated companies through early-stage venture funding with several, though not all, focused on healthcare and life-sciences. IKPIMC is now planning to launch a second and more focused fund to support more innovative ventures in the healthcare space.

IKP Centre for Advancement in Agricultural Practices (ICAAP), our venture in the agriculture sector, had partnered with the International Food Policy Research Institute and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to explore ways to strengthen the scientific knowledge base available to the Indian agriculture extension machinery so that the guidance it offers to farmers is of a high quality and incorporates the latest Indian and global research findings. Through that partnership it has built a high quality knowledge portal for use by agricultural extension workers.

Organizationally, each IKP group company is managed by its Board of Directors and executive team, operating in a fairly autonomous way. IKP Trust seeks to bring in strategic alignment and maximize the impact of the group as a whole by working with executive teams through company Boards. The IKP Advisory Board, a group of eminent senior individuals, most of whom have been associated with IKP Trust for a long time, advises and provides mentorship to the group on its overall direction and strategy.