“Tapper and Listener” the course of Health Care Knowledge from Physician to Patient

We may have played this game in our childhood where we tap on the school desk the beats of certain song and one of our friend tires to identify the song.  In 1990 Elizabeth Newton a PhD student of Psychology from Stanford, experimented with some of her friends the same game of “tappers and listeners”. They played with over 25 well known songs. Each tapper was asked to pick a…

Literature review – Understanding the patient’s perception about chronic diseases and conditions, Barrier for non-adherence and poor follow-up.

Background Chronic diseases and conditions are the group of diseases which include cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, and cognitive disorders. The Chronic diseases are on rise globally since last decade(1). Of the broad classified Chronic diseases cardiovascular diseases (CVD), diabetes, and cancer have been showing exponential rises globally(1,2). Multiple treatment modalities, drug regimes, prevention programs, policy level provisions have been done in recent period to combat with over increasing burden of…

Field experiences – Optimizing Data collection process with increased accuracy of collected data using field agents from remote field areas.

Primary health care research involves data collection from remote field areas. The field areas can be small isolated ghettos, urban slums, remotely located villages, urban administrative blocks or any other location which involves certain number of households with permanent residents. Data collection from isolated or remotely located field areas possess logistic challenges and challenges in effective data management.(1). With ever evolving technology “Electronic data collection” is deemed to be best…